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Outer Banks Fishing

Anglers from all walks of life make their way to the East Coast to experience North Carolina deep sea fishing. They come in 4-Wheel Drive vehicles so they can hit some of the hundreds of miles of beaches for surf fishing weekend excursions in the sand. They come to try their luck fishing from one of the many fishing piers that pepper the North Carolina shoreline.

And the anglers looking for some real adventures come to experience North Carolina fishing aboard one of the thousands of quality North Carolina sport fishing charters that fish all the Outer Banks offshore bluewater hot spots.

The great surf fishing starts in Corova, Corolla, and Duck Beaches on the north end of the North Carolina coastline. As you move south to the beaches of Kitty Hawk and Nags Head the enthusiasm for surf fishing is abundantly obvious by the shear numbers of anglers you see along the beaches.

Heading south the surf fishing reaches a peak in the Oregon Inlet area beaches as the 4 wheel drive vehicles by the hundreds make their way onto the beach at the Bonner Bridge region of the Outer Banks. These anglers are pulling species such as bluefish, striper, or flounder right out of the surf.

At this point the surf fishing takes a back seat to the awesome North Carolina sport fishing that Oregon Inlet and the Outer Banks offer and are so well known for. This is where an angler can experience a real action packed North Carolina deep sea fishing trip adventure. Your North Carolina charter boat Captain will run towards the blue warm waters of the Gulf Stream where he may target yellowfin tuna, dolphin, or even a billfish for his fishing crew. If available and if the rest of your crew members are willing you might even ask the Captain to try for a big blue marlin or other big game billfish.

Cape Hatteras Sport Fishing Charters, Hatteras Deep Sea Fishing

Oregon Inlet sport fishing

Cape Hatteras is a small inviting little fishing village where the locals are known for being very courteous while making visitors feel right at home. Deep sea fishing in Hatteras is what the town revolves around but there are other things to do like driving your truck on the beach, camping in one of the many camp grounds, or just going to a sparcely populated beach to soak up the suns rays in relative privacy.

Cape Hatteras is also the East Coast surfing capital and many popular surfing contests are held here annually attracting big name surfers from all around the globe. But the main activity and the biggest tourist draw by far is the spectacular deep sea sport fishing Cape Hatteras offers.

If you are a passionate saltwater sport fishing enthusiast who dreams of having an adrenaline pumping heart pounding one on one fight with a big trophy size sportfish then a deep sea sport fishing trip on a Hatteras charter boat is the place to make that dream a reality. Cape Hatteras fishing offers anglers a chance at catching many great offshore species including trolling through powerful schools of yellowfin tuna to pulling a white or blue marlin out of the abundant billfish population that roams the warm blue waters of the Cape Hatteras fishing grounds.

With out a doubt Cape Hatteras fishing is not "known as" the best fishing on the Atlantic, IT IS the best fishing on the Atlantic coast and Hatteras fishing is the best by leaps and bounds, or should we say leaps, jumps, and line stripping runs.

Fishing Towns and Communities of Hatteras Island

Fishing in North Carolina for most folks near the coast is part of most of the locals daily existence. Once you move south past Kitty Hawk and Nags Head which is where many of the tourist attractions are you start to travel through small counties where everything revolves around fishing. Whether it is commercial fishing or crabbing, boat builders, tackle shops, or offshore sport fishing charters, fishing is a big part, if not the biggest part of most residents lives. If fishing isn't part of their daily lives it is sure what they do in their off time. Towns of Hatteras Island are listed below.

  • Rodanthe
  • Waves
  • Salvo
  • Avon
  • Buxton
  • Frisco
  • Hatteras

Oregon Inlet Charter Boats

Oregon Inlet fishing charter

Probably the most popular fishing area for overall charters and traffic is Oregon Inlet. With numerous marinas and charter fleets Oregon Inlet is the most well known inlet and where most out of town visitors come for a North Carolina sport fishing trip. Anglers and tourists visit the docks daily just to see what the Oregon Inlet charter boats caught. Charter boats are lined up by the dozens, backed up to the dock where they will unload their catch for the day.

Visitors will walk from boat to boat just to admire the days catch. Many will walk the entire dock, camera in hand, looking to see who has the biggest fish of the day. You could do this and take a few pictures of a few big fish or you could charter a boat and be in the picture as the angler that caught the big fish. If you have never fished on a sportfishing charter before then you are missing out on the trip of a lifetime, it is an adventure you will talk about for years to come. Be IN the picture!

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